Flea Treatments 

Fleas are very common in cats and dogs throughout the UK. Pets are becoming more and more integrated into family life and as a result, vets are increasingly concerned about controlling fleas and their ultimate consequences.

Fleas can cause disease in cats and dogs, including flea allergy dermatitis and anaemia. Pets can also become infected with flea tapeworm by swallowing a flea during everyday grooming.

Adult fleas are small wingless insects with extraordinary jumping ability. Hanging on to your pet's fur with their claws, their needle-like mouth parts bite through the skin to suck up blood. Sometimes all you will see are flea faeces or "flea dirt" (small brown flecks in the fur). Fleas can lay 30+ eggs per day. These eggs drop to the ground and flea larvae will hatch and hide in dark places on the ground, in carpets or upholstery. The larvae feed on flea droppings and other organic debris defore developing into cocoons/pupae. Adult fleas emerge from their cocoons when they sense that a dog or cat, or other animal host, is near. The cycle, which can take as little as 12 days or as long as several months, can then begin again. If you find fleas on your pet, their eggs, larvae and pupae will also be found in your pet's bedding and the carpets in your home.

Regular flea treatment can prevent these unwanted "guests" in your home. Our staff at Heene Road Vets will be happy to show you how to apply the treatment to your pet and advise you of the regularity of treatment and environmental control.

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