Prices will vary depending on the care or treatment required by your pet. As a guideline, we detail our standard charges below.

First consultation: £43.00
Second and subsequent consultation: £34.00
Health check for ongoing condition: £34.00

All vaccination appointments are with one of our veterinary surgeons.  They include a health examination and are an ideal opportunity to discuss with your vet any concerns with your pet's health, and aspects such as diet and parasite control.  We use high quality vaccines that we are confident will give your pet the best protection.  Puppy and kitten vaccination courses also include a free worm and flea treatment, and 4 week's free insurance.  

Puppy vaccination course: £92.62
Dog annual vaccination: £55.01

Kitten vaccination course (to include leukaemia vaccine): £111.00
Cat annual vaccination (to include leukaemia vaccine): £64.20

Rabbit vaccination (against myxomatosis and RHD): £47.56

All neutering and other surgical procedures are carried out at our Heene Road surgery, where we have a dedicated theatre, monitoring equipment and experienced nurses to monitor and care for your pet before, during and after the procedure.  We use anaesthetic drugs that have been shown to be safer and more reliable than many others commonly used in veterinary practices, and pay great attention to providing effective pain relief, to ensure speedy recoveries and maximal comfort for your pet.

Bitch spay: from £245 (depending on weight) or for laparoscopic (keyhole) from £430
Dog castration: from £149.71 (depending on weight)

Cat spay: £94.00
Cat castration: £70.00

Rabbit spay: £88.43
Rabbit castration: £77.20

If you would like to enquire about our charges, please do contact us at the surgery.  All prices correct as of January 2019.  

Heene Health Plan
We also offer our clients the opportunity to join our health plan, which saves you money and spreads the cost of your pet's routine preventative health care.  Annual vaccinations and worm and flea treatment with Advocate are covered by the monthly payment, and there are many other savings to be made by signing up including:

  • 15% discount on Specific lifestage diets
  • 10% discount on veterinary prescription diets
  • 10% discount on in house blood tests
  • 10% discount on long term medications as long as health checks are adhered to
  • 10% discount on dental procedures
  • 10% discount on waiting room merchandise and skin and joint supplements
  • 10% discount on neutering and microchipping
  • free nurse clinics and
  • free dietary advice

Click here for further information. 

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Repeat prescriptions

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