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Arthritis in Dogs – A Unique New Osteoarthritis Treatment

Could your Dog have Arthritis?

Dogs of all types may be affected by arthritis pain.

Arthritis pain is often caused by hip dysplasia or various other physical conditions Excess weight can often contribute to arthritis and make it worse Dogs age faster than humans and arthritis pain will affect them much earlier in life than is often recognised Both large and small dogs should be screened for arthritis.

Small dogs are often not diagnosed because physical changes can be more difficult for pet owners to recognise.

Around 4 out of every 10 dogs have signs of arthritis pain—
do you know how to recognise the symptoms?

Osteoarthritis Checklist: Could your dog have osteoarthritis?

Think about your dog’s activity in the past week:

  • Is your dog showing signs of OA-related pain?
  • Lagging behind on walks?
  • Feeling stiff/ limping after exercise?
  • Difficulty jumping?
  • Slow to rise after resting after exercise ?
  • Difficulty with stairs?

It is therefore important for pet owners to recognise the signs of arthritis and to seek veterinary advice and help to provide your pet the pain relief it needs.

Arthritis and your dog

Sniff Out Arthritis Pain…and Stop it in its Tracks

Arthritis is a condition that leads to pain and progressive degeneration of the joint. It affects many aspects of a dogs life including limited mobility, painful joints and a poor quality of life. Signs can often be subtle and dogs will rarely yelp, cry or vocalise the pain they are experiencing. It is therefore important to look out for signs like limping, slowing down on walks, slow to rise and difficulty jumping. While many cases of arthritis occur in older, overweight and larger breed dogs, the condition can affect dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds. Many cases go undiagnosed because owners assume slowing down is a natural symptom of getting older. Dogs don’t have to suffer the pain of arthritis—no matter their age.

Many dogs are suffering in silence……and while we can’t stop the disease, we can manage the pain and give dogs a good quality of life. Treating pain can help maintain muscle, reduce weight, and improve quality of life—for all dogs with arthritis. Recognising and treating pain can help restore the important bond between pet owners and their dogs.


We normally recommend a multimodal treatment using as many of the following as we can:

  • Weight reduction
  • Anti-inflammatories, normally non-steroidal (NSAIDS)
  • Special Joint Diets with high omega 3
  • Canine Joint supplements 
  • Laser therapy
  • Physiotherapy and hydrotherapy

LIBRELA – A unique new treatment for arthritis in dogs!

But now there is a new very specialised monoclonal antibody given as a monthly injection called LIBRELA – this targets the pain receptors in the nerve itself-nerve growth factor NGF. This product is giving amazing results, is ultra-safe and can be given on its own or in combination with other modalities. Heene Road vets is very excited to have this product so please don’t hesitate to talk to any of our team and see the pain relief it can give to your pet.

STOP PRESS There is an injection coming for cats too.

If your dog suffers from arthritis, or if you suspect they are showing signs, please get in touch with us to discuss diagnosis and treatment

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