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Out Of Hours Emergency Vet

Emergencies occurring during our normal working hours will always be dealt with as a priority.

For pet emergencies please call 01903 200187

Emergency Vet Service in Worthing

We use Vets Now (based in Grove Lodge Veterinary Hospital) for emergencies arising out of hours.

This will apply to any pet needing emergency treatment or hospitalisation between the hours of 6.30pm until 8.30am Monday to Friday, or after 1pm Saturday until 8.30am Monday morning. This service will also cover any Bank Holidays.

Clients should phone Heene Road Vets on 01903 200187, and the telephone number for Vets Now will be on our recorded message.

Vets Now Emergency Number

01903 954320

Emergency Address

Grove Lodge Vets, 18 Upper Brighton Rd, Worthing BN14 9DL

We guarantee however, that if you phone us before 6pm in the evening Monday to Friday or before 12.30 on Saturdays, we will offer any urgent cases an appointment at one of our surgeries at no extra charge.

Vets Now will provide us with all the relevant information regarding your pet’s treatment at the first available opportunity to enable us to continue your care.

Please do not hesitate to ask our staff if you have any further queries regarding this service.

To keep our team fresh and at their best every day, they need their rest! Therefore, we use a dedicated out-of-hours provider to deal with any emergencies occurring outside of our normal working hours.

The vets and nurses on duty at WEV work only nights and weekends, so they are always at their best when we are resting, ready for the following day. They can offer advice over the telephone where appropriate and have fully-equipped facilities dedicated to emergency care.

We believe this offers the best level of care to you and your pet.