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Laparoscopic Ovarectomy for Dogs & Cats

Doesn’t she deserve a less painful spay?

When it’s about our own health, we usually have very high standards.

But our pets depend on us to make healthcare decisions for them.

When it’s about our own health, we usually have very high standards. But our pets depend on us to make healthcare decisions for them.

As a pet owner, you probably want examinations, treatment, and any required surgeries to be as comfortable as possible for your pet.

Endoscopy revolutionizes diagnostics and treatment which significantly improve your pet’s well-being.

Endoscopy allows us to view the inside of the body and then perform surgery, if necessary, through natural body openings or keyhole-sized incisions.


Only the best for your pet

As your trusted veterinary practice, we constantly strive to improve the treatment of our patients through ongoing training and investment in modern medical technology. Laparoscopic spaying is among these services.

Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive technique for performing abdominal surgery through tiny incisions in the abdominal wall.

Our endoscopes magnify the organs and offer brilliant imaging to allow extremely precise surgical technique.


We focus on your pet

You and your pet can benefit from the reduced trauma made possible with endoscopic surgery such as the laparoscopic spay.

Whether and how you have your pet spayed always depends on your individual situation. Therefore we invite you to discuss options and support you in making the right decision for your pet.


What are the advantages of laparoscopic spays?

  • Your veterinarian can perform the procedure with greater precision thanks to a clear, bright, magnified image of your pet’s abdominal cavity.
  • Endoscopic procedures are less painful for your pet since the incisions are only the size of keyholes and the ovarian ligament is carefully cut & cauterized, rather than torn.
  • In conventional spaying, the incision is typically three times larger.
  • Complications such as wound healing and infection are minimized.
  • The small incision size in laparoscopic spaying leads to faster recovery of your pet.
  • You will be more satisfied since she/he is more comfortable and can return home faster on the day of surgery.


We are pleased to discuss your options with you – just schedule an appointment!

This is a premium service for our clients and will be carried out by our Advanced Practitioner Surgery Certificate holders Jeremy or Fiona. We have invested in the latest Karl Storz endoscopic equipment and Ethicon’s vessel sealing devices to ensure a superior and safe outcome.

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