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Give your pet the best nutrition – NEW Virbac Hyper Premium pet food

Virbac Hyper Premium Cat and Dog Food

We have introduced Virbac HPM pet food among our range of veterinary prescription and life-stage diets. This range of high quality diets are designed to suit every pet and keep them in optimum condition. Virbac consider palatabilty to be paramount so the main ingredient in every Virbac HPM diet is meat. This is based on the fact that dogs and cats are carnivorous and would choose meat over anything else. If you could ask them I am sure they would agree.

Veterinary HPM Pet Food is a new range of veterinary diets specifically developed to provide the nearest match to the nutritional needs of dogs and cats. Dogs and cats are carnivores but this isn’t always reflected in what we as pet owners choose to feed them. 66% of veterinary branded dog and 46% of veterinary branded cat foods list a  vegetable as the main ingredient.

Virbac HPM is a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet, so not only will it provide your pet with the nutrition to keep them in optimum health it will help to keep their weight within the ideal breed parameters (providing you feed in accordance with the recommended feeding guidelines).

Veterinary HPM has 30% more protein and 40% less  carbohydrates and furthermore 90% of the protein is of animal origin giving it it’s highly palatable taste.

Virbac Hyper Premium Pet Food Available
Sue our nutritional nurse talks about Virbac HPM
Virbac Hyper Premium Pet Food Available

Every bag of veterinary HPM is formulated with the age, size and lifestyle of the pet in mind. The high-protein low-carbohydrate content of the diet together with the additional nutritional supplements will provide nutrition that is adapted to the pet’s preference throughout the lifetime of your pet. Fed correctly, Virbac HPM will usually work out most cost effective on a cost per day basis in comparison to other leading brands.

Virbac Hyper Premium Pet Food Available

There is a very good on-going loyalty scheme for all of the diets-with a buy 5 get one free.

Also VIP Club Members will get an additional 15% off Life stage & 10% off Veterinary Prescription diets!

For puppies and kittens, we offer a free bag with every first bag purchased.

This makes high quality nutrition very affordable.

Our staff have extensive knowledge about the Virbac HPM range and will be happy to discuss your pet’s requirements with you. Just give us a call on 01903 200187 to discuss your pets nutritional requirements.

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